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Big Boobs = great cleavage?

13 June 2008

There’s something so erotic about woman’s cleavage that guys can’t keep their eyes off of it when they see it. It’s been said that those breasts squeezed together awaken a primitive instinct in the men, reminding them of woman’s buttocks and getting them sexually aroused. Therefore it’s no wonder we want not only touch those […]

Sexy big boobs rule

12 January 2008

Some may argue if big boobs are the best kind of breasts. I know small and medium tits have their fans too, but I think it’s clear that the big ones have the biggest fanbase out there. Big boobs look beautiful on woman, if you see a pair of those near you, you can barely […]

Are you a Big Boobs lover?

12 January 2008

There’s something about big boobs that makes every guy sexually aroused instantly. Even if they’re hidden behind clothes or only partially visible, our imagination runs wild and we can almost see them in their full glory. But looking at those lustful big boobs and even better, touching, kissing and licking them is one great sexual […]