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Big Boobs = great cleavage?

13 June 2008

There’s something so erotic about woman’s cleavage that guys can’t keep their eyes off of it when they see it. It’s been said that those breasts squeezed together awaken a primitive instinct in the men, reminding them of woman’s buttocks and getting them sexually aroused. Therefore it’s no wonder we want not only touch those boobs, but insert our dicks between those tits. And the thing is the best looking cleavage comes from big boobs. Only big or medium sized boobs make possible exposing the cleavage in the most erotic way. Women with smaller breasts can still of course use some tricks to make their tits appear larger and create some kind of big breasts illusion by pushing up their boobs in the bra, using a push-up bra or even inserting some stuff under the bra to gain a nice looking cleavage. But still, when the clothes come off, a big boobs lover will be much disappointed after finding out the real size of his girl’s breasts. Naturally not only big boobs are sexy, small and medium sized have lots of fans too. And if the small size is really and issue there’s always solutions to that - like special gels and creams or even plastic surgery.

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