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Watching lesbian sex and introducing it into your life

16 April 2008

What’s so great about lesbians you ask? To me is one of the hottest pervesion on the planet. Being taboo, and unnatural to some, is just one of the things that makes it so exciting. If you’re a fan of naked ladies, then seeing more than one girl giving pleasure in all kinds of way to another and also getting great amount of pleasure herself, is just a sight to be remembered. I’ve seen a lot of lesbian videos and only sometimes you can see that the women are really into each other. First step of recognising a real lesbian is the kissing, straight women would try not to kiss at all or they do it very reluctantly. But when you see tongue in action and the kissing lasts for at least half a minute then we’ve got something good. Then comes the closeness of two women - if they really enjoy lesbian sex they constantly want as much of their body touch the other woman as possible. And real lesbians naturally can’t wait to lick, suck and kiss every part of their partner’s body as much as they can. I personally prefer lesbian sex without the use of sex toys - dildos and vibrators make the sex look like one woman is replacing a man during the love making. But the whole beauty of the lesbian experience is not pretending to be someone else, but just make use of all the female advantages like tenderness, softness, and the best knowledge of woman’s body. There’s no need for a dick replacement then, one woman can get the other to orgasm using just what the nature gave her - her tongue, fingers or even feet. Another advantage of watching lesbians in actions is you know you’re the only man there/watching and can imagine yourself right there between the hot ladies without some other guy taking your place. Additionally watching lesbian clips can be very educational and improve your sexual skill - seeing how a girl gets another girl off can you teach you new techniques and make the sex much better for both you and your woman. So that’s what I love about lesbian sex. Before you stop reading here’s one more real life tip: if you want to seduce two straight women and convince them to be a part of a threesome you need 2 things: a lot of wine and then when they’re relaxed start massaging one of them and ask the other to join in and help you. I’m sure if you’re smooth enough you can take things from there and make it an unforgettable night!

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